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The 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition which ended on Nov 11, showcased the country"s achievements in aerospace and national defense equipment that have been made during four decades of reform and opening-up - especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in 2012.

The event also exposed to half a million exhibitors, and army and government trade delegates, - as well as visitors from home and abroad - the attractive new business opportunities in Zhuhai, especially following last month"s opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

According to the organizing committee of the air show, 770 manufacturers from 43 countries and regions attended the six-day exhibition and 200 army and government trade delegations from more than 50 countries visited the event. It also attracted nearly 150,000 professional visitors and about 300,000 general visitors.

Some 570 contracts, deals and other business agreements worth more than $21.2 billion were signed and 239 airplanes of different types were sold.

The 12th exhibition catered for different market segments, providing themed exhibition areas for airliners, aero-engines, unmanned aerial vehicles and others.

It attracted 350 overseas exhibitors, 30 more than the last exhibition. Among these were large aircraft makers including Boeing and Airbus, corporate aircraft and helicopter manufacturers such as Bombardier and aero-engine companies such as General Electric

Nov 11 this year was also the 69th anniversary of the establishment of the People"s Liberation Army Air Force, which displayed weaponry on active duty at the exhibition. Leading companies such as Commercial Aircraft Corp of China and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp also brought new products and technologies to the exhibition.

Highlights of the event included the Chinese Air Force"s J-20 and J-10B fighter jets. Aviation Industry Corp of China sent 134 products to the exhibition, including amphibious AG600 aircraft that recently carried out its first takeoff and landing on water.

Among other star exhibits were 251 products in six fields from China South Industries Group Corp, 400-plus cutting-edge information-based products from China Electronics Technology Group Corp and more than 130 products from China Electronics Corp.

Among hot performers at the exhibition was the August 1st Aerobatics Team and the Red Falcon Air Demonstration Team from the Aviation University of the Air Force.

This year"s event also displayed the fruits of development from the Belt and Road Initiative and the integration of China"s military and civilian defense sectors. Aviation Industry Corp of China, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp and China Electronics Technology Group Corp set up themed display areas to highlight China"s important achievements in commercial spaceflight and cyberspace.

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